Maintaining my new HVAC unit

About 5 years ago, I dropped about $10,000 on a brand new HVAC system for my home.

  • I knew this would be a good investment, but I was going to have to keep it in good condition.

I didn’t want to be replacing that HVAC system any sooner than I needed to be. When we had the HVAC system installed, the heating and cooling company helped me enroll in a service plan. They come annually to the house to perform a service check on our HVAC system. I know they are thorough because they even use a checklist and walk me through the process. They check all components, both mechanical and electrical. They even look at the ductwork. The heat pump or gas furnace is examined, as well. The A/C plan is also cleaned plus tested. The service professional inspects the air duct, adjusts refrigerant levels, plus checks all of the electrical components. If there are any small concerns found while in the Heating and A/C tune-up, the professional can take care of them before they become major concerns that may possibly destroy the machine! I honestly can’t ask for better service after the sale. These gentlemen even call me and my wife every three months just to remind us to change the air filter. They help my wife and I stay on top of things.


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