The tune up really helps keep the machine in pristine condition

I started having a full-service HVAC tune-up performed on my machine after I had brand new equipment installed in my home.

After writing a check to the HVAC Service Center for almost $7,000, I wanted to make sure that the system would last as long as possible.

I didn’t want to write another check any time soon. The installation technician recommended a regular service tune up each year. When the service tune up is performed, a lot of different areas are attacked. A full-service HVAC tune-up includes a thorough exam of all mechanical and electrical components. The heat pump or furnace is examined and all of the ventilation duct work is checked during the tune up as well. The AC system is also cleaned and checked. The service technician inspects the ductwork, adjusts refrigerant levels, and checks all of the electrical connections. If there are any small problems found during the HVAC tune-up, the technician can take care of them before they become major issues that may possibly damage the machine. My HVAC system is only 3 years old. So far I haven’t had any major issues come up during the service check, but I know each one of the technicians is thorough. The company provides me with a full page checklist that includes every single part within the heating and air conditioning system. I really can’t ask for better service after the sale. These guys even call me every three months just to remind me to change the air filter. They help me stay on top of things.


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