Teaching kids about HVAC opportunities

Several of my corporation friends and I have pooled our resources to start a local non-profit group.

Although it won’t pay off in money, all of us are hoping to supply a boost to the local construction industry, and to help out some young people along the way.

What all of us want to do is offer teachership programs to high school students who are suffering from poor grades. There are a lot of kids who are smart, and fantastic workers, however just aren’t university material. Both of us want to show these kids there is an alternative job path, and that with plumbing, construction, or HVAC work you can make a great living without university. I am an HVAC tech and corporation owner, so of course that is what I believe the best, however I don’t want to limit kids to that, either. Any arm of supplier work has limitless potential for growth, so if you think HVAC work is too complex, check into plumbing, or roofing, or electrical repair. College costs a ton of money, and takes a long time, however going to trade school for your HVAC certification is much quicker, and doesn’t cost nearly as much money… Kids are told that they can choose university or a life of dead end tasks, however skilled tradesmen prefer HVAC techs, plumbers, and electricians, make amazing money and have great jobs without ever going to university. My goal isn’t to recruit new HVAC techs, it is to show these kids that they have a much brighter future than they might think! I am happy about this program!

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