The new HVAC tech is named Max

The new kid in the shop is named Max.

He is a smart kid, and even though he is a high school dropout who lives in his car, I feel he has a lot of potential.

I see a lot of myself in Max, because I started out the hard way as well. I am trying to take Max under my wing and treat him like an apprentice. Max is very grateful for the opportunity to learn by shadowing me. I figure that by the time I retire, Max will know everything I know. To become certified in HVAC work it requires a series of exams, so that you can demonstrate your mastery of the technology. This cannot be done simply by reading books and watching lectures and tutorial videos, you have to get your hands dirty and get experience with heating and cooling systems. Max took some night classes for his HVAC program, but he also worked with me 30 to 40 hours a week. He watched me work on every type of heating and cooling equipment there was, and for a few weeks I didn’t let him do anything but watch. When he was ready I started letting him hand me the tools, and testing him on which tools he needed for which HVAC repair. It’s a slow process, but it has to be slow because there are so many nuances to the HVAC industry you can’t try and learn it all too quickly. By the time he gets certified, Max is going to be a skilled and experienced HVAC tech.