The park model is an affordable tiny home

I was looking at a couple of affordable tiny homes and I ran into an advertisement for a Park Model.

A Park Model is a type of portable home that is usually on wheels.

Sometimes the wheels are hidden and sometimes they are left on the building so it can be moved from place to place. I found a park model at one of the RV Resort by the beach. The owner of the RV park wanted a ton of money for the mobile and affordable tiny home. I really couldn’t afford the price that she wanted, so I had to let it go. I saw an advertisement for the park model again, but it was a couple of weeks later. The price on the Park Model was lowered by $5,000. The price of the park model wasn’t that much farther away from my budget, so I decided to contact the owner again to see if he would budge on the asking price. I gave him my low offer and he acted disgusted. I can only afford to pay the amount that I can afford to pay. I wasn’t trying to lowball the guy at all. I was surprised when he accepted the offer. He wanted to know when I would be moving into the building. I told the owner of the mobile building that I did not plan on keeping the park model there for much longer. After he heard that, the guy decided not to accept my offer on the affordable tiny home. He was only planning to accept the low offer if I was going to be paying a lot rental fee each month.

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