Adding heated flooring to my study room

I decided to redo my master study room plus washroom.

My spouse was originally undoubtedly against the idea.

He said the space was nice as it is plus didn’t want to spend the money… Well I make my own money plus am more than capable of doing the project. I did the whole remodeling task on my own. I repainted both rooms, added new lights, switch plate covers plus vent covers. I even installed a new toilet, shower controls plus a faucet. I got a quartz corporation that laid down a new countertop for the sink. The last area was doing the floors. I had carpet in the study room plus an seasoned laminate in the washroom that I hated. What I did was rip both up, laid down cement board, heated flooring plus after that I put penny tile down. The penny tile was ungodly overpriced plus I will never admit how much because people will judge me. The heated flooring made the cost even higher too. My spouse said every one of us live down south so heating wasn’t that necessary. The two of us had a laboring central oil furnace too. I knew I would want heated flooring with the tile. I guess I get colder in the Wintertide than he does. Having heating in my study room that doesn’t affect him would be perfect. It also is a silent system that doesn’t allow heat to rise. I figured out how to do the heating installation plus set it up. I now have heated flooring plus I don’t regret it one bit. It is the best feature of my study room.
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