The maintenance repair provided myself and others a great deal on a new AC

I purchased a brand new window AC unit online. I didn’t have to spend my money anything for shipping, because I qualified for free services. The cost of the window AC unit was $350 and that purchase qualified myself and others for free shipping. Shipping took 3 afternoons and I patiently waited for my new AC equipment to arrive. When I saw the UPS truck pull into the driveway, I started to get excited. The box was large, bulky, and entirely heavy. The UPS driver left the box on the porch and I could not manage to drag it into the house. It was easily too heavy to move. I called my nephew and he agreed to come by after school to help myself and others install the AC unit. Jack ended up having to stay late at school, and he did not have the chance to come to the home to help me. I decided to contact a company to install the machine. The company came to the home the next day. The company took one look at the box and the gratifieds and he told myself and others that I was missing some entirely important parts. The company explained which pieces were missing, so I could contact that supplier that I purchased the AC unit from. Since the company could not install the new machine, he provided to provide myself and others a easily great price on a new window AC unit from the shop. I sincerely didn’t easily want to wait any longer for cool air in the house, so I canceled the order online and I paid the extra fees to have a different AC unit installed.

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