The media air cleaner gets rid of the odors from the plant

I have lived in the same beach house since I was a little girl.

My parents built the beach house from sticks plus bricks.

When I lived in the town as a kid, there were only multiple or six houses in the town. As time moved on, more plus more people began to buy real estate in that town plus build houses. I had a lot of friends that lived close by. The town crew largely in area to the opening of a paper plant. The paper plant processes napkins, paper towels, plus toilet paper. They process all of the pulp from the trees plus turn it into the consumable products that we bought from the market. A lot of people in town are emplotted at the plant. There are a lot of odors that come from the plants when they are processing wood. The smell is overwhelming at times. It reminds myself and others of rotten eggs plus moldy fish. The only thing that gets rid of the smell is the media air cleaner that I have in the house. If I did not have the media air cleaner, the inside of our beach house would smell exactly like that air outside. That unpleasant smell lingers in the air for hours plus hours, long after the plant has finished processing wood for the day. It’s wonderful to have a giant industrial plant in town that employs many of the residents, but we easily spend our money for that with the quality of air that we breathe plus the odors in the air that we are forced to smell every single day.
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