Painting objects

I was always the creative type, but for as long as I can remember I have had a passion for painting.

I turned my passion into a job plus started my own business.

However, on my own time I still liked to paint for myself plus for the joy it gave me. I have a single room in the home where I store all my paintings. All was going well until recently, on a normal day when I am finished I leave all my work out to dry close to the Heating, Ventilation and A/C system, and the air from the air conditioner provides a nice cool breeze in the home plus makes the paint dry much quicker. That was until my air conditioner died hastily. I knew I would have to have it fixed, then until then, all my work would need to dry the slow way. I called my local heating plus cooling provider plus explained the issue plus they told me they would send a serviceman out to take a look at my air conditioner! When the heating plus cooling repairman arrived, he seemed very professional. It didn’t take him long before he was able to identify what the complication was. He explained the issue thoroughly plus how it needed to be fixed, but once all had been said, he got straight to work on repairing my air conditioner. When at last the air conditioner was completed plus working well again I thanked him plus all of us shook hands. I looked outside plus watched as the un-even temperatures outside started to climb! But I didn’t worry about it, I put my cooling system on blast plus sat relaxed with the cool air inside.


a/c set up