Thirty days past since the HVAC install and already we have problems

Last month’s my wife and I called the repair service because we had some problems with the heat pump.

Neither one of us expected to hear bad news, but the repair service told us that the heat pump needed to be replaced. The news was devastating to both of us. We had to get a loan from the bank to pay for the new equipment. The new heat pump and air conditioner are extremely energy efficient. We bought an 18 Seer machine. At first, things were going really well with the new machine. The house was chilly and cold even when the thermostat was set at 74°. Last week there was no air at all when I woke up in the morning. The thermostat was on, but the AC unit was not running at all. It should have been, because the temperature inside of the house was 78°. I contacted the company that installed the HVAC unit, because my system was still under warranty. I didn’t expect to have problems so quickly and I asked the owner of the repair company if it was normal. He did not have a lot of answers over the phone. The repair technician took a look at the heat pump and quickly found the problem. It turned out to be an electrical issue. The heat pump was pulling more power than it should have and that was causing a power surge. I have to say that I’m not very happy to already have problems with a brand new heat pump and AC. If these issues persist, I’m going to insist that they replace the machine with a different one.

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