Pay attention to HVAC warranty

I’m a fairly responsible adult when it comes to most things.

  • But there is one thing that I’ve been consistently less than stellar about.

That would be reading the fine print. Or really, reading any sort of directions, warranties, guidelines or any of the stuff that comes with something new. In my head, because I love whatever it is I’m getting, I think I already now all about it. That was certainly the case with our new HVAC equipment. Of course, that’s a giant lead in logic and really makes no sense at all. But I’m not know for thinking logically all that often. I tend to be a much more emotional sort of person. But that can come with some problems as the situation with our new HVAC unit proved. The HVAC contractor was really great and he went out of his way to be sure that we had all of our questions answered during the initial process. Once the installation was complete, I was out to lunch just champing and the bit to get my hands on all the new HVAC technology. Thankfully, my wife was listening and she then did the required reading the HVAC contractor suggested. Ultimately, that saved us in two ways. Right off the bat, she got the HVAC warranty registered before it voided after 90 days had she not paid attention. And she stopped me a few years later from “having a look” when the air conditioning was acting a bit strange. Any sort of repair attempt by anyone but and HVAC professional would simply void the warranty for the new HVAC equipment.
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