Air filter is important part of HVAC equipment

I’ve always tried to pay attention to the little things.

While big picture thinking is an important part of living life, it can also obscure your day to day.

That’s where all the little stuff comes in. And there are so many wonderful things in the details as well. So it’s worth it to me to pay attention to those details as it always pays off for the big picture in the end. One of my sole household responsibilities is the HVAC equipment. I’m the one who looks after all the chores and stuff that needs to be done when it comes to the HVAC unit. That means I make sure that I make the appointments with the HVAC company for HVAC maintenance. Without fail, I get heating maintenance in the fall and then an air conditioning tune-up in the summer. Our HVAC company has such great HVAC technicians that all I have to do is make the call. However, that’s not where my HVAC responsibilities end though. I’m also responsible for the monthly chores that keep the HVAC unit running in good form. Chief among those responsibilities is changing the HVAC air filter. This is an important part of HVAC maintenance that I can take care of. The air filter change is so important because the heat pump needs constant, unobstructed air flow. With a clogged and dirty air filter, the HVAC unit has to work harder. That increases cost and puts unnecessary stress on the HVAC equipment thus reducing its effectiveness and longevity. So, I have an alert that reminds me each month to swap out that HVAC air filter.

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