My opinion differs from many others

I genuinely assume that I have an opinion that is much different from everyone else. All of the people would lose their mind and the people I was with an addition to myself would do our best to defend our point. I genuinely do not assume that it is necessary to have Central climate control. Climate control is absolutely not necessary. Of course I am ecstatic to have control in my home and it makes me feel great when I have the ability to change the indoor temperatures and keep that house comfortable. This is obviously a given for all of the people. We absolutely know for sure that climate control feels good. The question is whether or not it is absolutely necessary and I believe the answer to that is no. There were times in the past when all of us were able to go without central climate control. There are guys that work outside in the heat all day and all night and they never have Central AC or climate control. This is a complete and total fallacy and lie told by people that want to sell central air conditioning systems. If you ask me, it is absolutely a preposterous notion to think that it is even necessary at all when everyone else can pawsitively deal weather triple-digit temperatures in the rest of the world. History cannot be wrong and it has shown us that people do not need this type of climate control in order to deal with the day to day seasonal weather.

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