Taking energy saving measures

My local section experiences 4 separate seasons.

There are benefits to the variety of weather.

We prefer months of warmth plus sun plus freezing plus snow. We get to swim plus kayak plus snowmobile plus ski. The Autumn leaves are appealing, plus the ripe tomato, tomatoes, zucchini, grapes plus plums at that time of year are delicious. In the Spring, both of us look forward to the tulips, daffodils, hyacinth plus lilacs. Our temperature can swing from negative twenty five to the upper nineties. We deal with excessive plus insufficient humidity, high winds, bitter wind chill plus torrential downpours. The year round weather extremes make heating plus cooling especially pressing. Temperature control adds up to about fifty percent of our household utility bills. I am always on the lookout for current plus better ways to minimize energy waste plus reduce costs. I have installed Energy Star rated, thermal pane windows plus meticulously caulked around them. I’ve replaced the exterior doors plus added weather stripping to eliminate drafts. I spent a weekend installing insulation into the attic. It was a hot, dirty plus miserable job however it truly helped to improve the comfort plus efficiency of the home. The attic works as a barrier between the living space plus the outdoor elements. Because heat tends to travel to cooler locations, it helps to keep the attic cooler in the summer time plus warmer in the winter. I installed ceiling fans to push the heat down from the ceiling in the Winter time plus encourage the heat up plus out in the summer. I’ve also enrolled into a maintenance proposal with a licensed HVAC supplier. A serviceman takes care of problemshooting, inspecting plus decreasing the heating plus cooling equipment to maximize efficiency plus avoid malfunction.

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