Getting rid of the wood stove was tough

Even once the heater was gone, I had work.

My house came with a woodstove in the middle of the living room. The TV had to be put in a corner since the wood stove was centrally located and stuck out. It made everything feel cramped and smaller. I hated the wood stove because it was ugly and not really functional. After a peek inside I realized the previous owner didn’t even use it. The guy vented it through the ceiling and even added a stack to the roof. It could be used, he just never did. It sat on a brick pad that the living room rug was cut around. I hated it so bad and never used that heating system. One day I decided enough is enough. I knew it would be expensive but I wanted the heater gone. The house had a central heating system so it was pointless. It took up space and I could probably get money for it. I had to get roofers to remove the addition on the roof. I needed to patch my wood ceiling where the vent went. I then had to enlist help to move the cast iron heater and then sell it online. Some guy got the heater for his hunting shack. It apparently is too small to be a home heater. My local HVAC company scoffed at it. Even once the heater was gone, I had work. I needed to remove the brick pad and my living room rug. I then bought a new rug to cover the whole floor completely. After all that was done, I finally had the living room that I wanted.


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