Happy with high velocity heating/cooling system

I first heard about high-velocity heating and cooling systems two years ago.

  • Before that, we made due with electric baseboard heaters and window air conditioners.

During the winter, those portable heaters couldn’t keep up. My local area sees temperatures down to negative twenty-five. The house is big with lots of rooms, high ceilings and difficult to heat. My whole family constantly complained about feeling chilly. We needed to bundle up in layers of sweaters, fuzzy socks and often wrapped in blankets. I made sure to have electric blankets on all of the beds. In the summer, we deal with temperatures in the high eighties with excessive humidity. The portable air conditioners were able to cool down a single room, but the rest of the house felt hot and sticky. I was unhappy with our comfort levels as well as the appearance of the equipment. Because the house lacked conventional ductwork, we had very few options for central heating and cooling without a major construction project. High-velocity heating and cooling systems are designed to retrofit into older homes. They use flexible, mini-ducts that are only two-inches in diameter and made to snake through walls and ceilings without disruption. The vents are only six-inches in diameter, allow freedom of location and are available in all different styles to suit any decor. The heating/cooling unit is so compact that it fits into a closet. The system works by a process of aspiration. It sends air into the various rooms at an especially high rate of speed, creating a gentle suction and quickly raising or lowering temperature. The smaller diameter ducts are also insulated, minimizing energy losses.

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