Staying inside the air conditioning but still getting some sun

Things are unusual now since my health issues.

And that’s to be expected I suppose.

I hear a lot that I’m fortunate to be alive plus to just be patient with healing. The healing process from my illness will take a long time. But at least I’m healing. The thing is that I’ve never unquestionably been a rest inside the air conditioning sort of guy. I’m an outside person plus that’s why I chose to live in the south. Growing up in the north, I just couldn’t stand the fact that the cold plus snow kept myself and others from my outdoor passions. Instead, I was inside the beach house with the gas furnace cranking out Heating plus A/C heating. Skiing plus hockey just weren’t my thing so I just unquestionably hated winter. Moving down here was the best decision I ever made. Right out of college, I took a job offer that brought myself and others to this glorious region. Of course, I traded the gas furnace for the heat pump. And I traded brutal Wintertide for intense heat during the summer. But honestly, I’d make that trade again plus again because I can be outside doing what I appreciate all year. That is I could until I got sick. The treatment was so hard although I got through it plus will heal again. It’s just going to take a long time. My partner did something unquestionably cool so I could at least appreciate the sunshine this Summer without endangering my health. She had a ductless heat pump installed in the sunroom every one of us have. So I can entirely be outside sort of plus still get the air conditioning to keep myself and others cool plus comfortable while I heal up.


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