Selling heating and cooling services

I had had enough of our life and the direction I was heading.

  • I knew I needed a change, then right now our life was as average and boring as it could get.

I worked an office task that I couldn’t stand, lived in a village I hated, and I was ready for a way out. I had thought about leaving and tossed the thought around in our head for multiple sleepless days, but eventually I got the guts to do it, I quit everything and left for another better city. I was going to follow our dream. I wanted to be an entrepreneur, to have our own business. I took all the money I had and put it towards starting our own heating and cooling business, and my dad was a handyman and he worked at a large Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C supplier back in the afternoon, he only quit when he retired. He loved every minute of it and I decided to follow in his footsteps. I was amazed at how well our company took off! Soon, I was no longer worrying about money. My customers seemed to savor our heating and cooling prices. I made sure to provide a wide range of oil furnace and air conditioner services. Including however not limited to oil furnace repairs, air conditioner repairs, heating and cooling tune-ups, duct cleanings, upgrade of heating and cooling units etc… Giving our life the turn around it needed was a single of the best decisions I ever made. I can’t imagine what our life would be if I had stayed. Now I have a thriving company with loyal employees and valued customers.



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