Could have prevented HVAC breakdown

It just really makes me crazy when I produce unforced errors that cause problems.

Life is full of enough pitfalls without doing myself in.

But recently, I made an error of omission that ended up really costing me. Winter around this area is pretty serious business. That means that HVAC equipment like the heat pump just won’t hold up to this brand of winter. For our winters, you need the big HVAC heating guns like a boiler or more often something like a gas furnace. Without serious HVAC equipment that can really pump out the heating, it will be a long, cold winter indeed. It’s cold enough here without helping it be colder. So that’s why when the HVAC heating isn’t working, there is cause for alarm. That’s exactly what happened in the middle of the night just after the new year. I got up to go to the bathroom and grab a drink of water. While I was still groggy with sleep, I could tell that it was cold in the house. I checked the thermostat to discover that the temperature had dropped more than 10 degrees. That’s because the gas furnace was off. I went downstairs to restart it but that was a no go. Given that the temperature outside was sliding toward single digits, I had no option but to call the HVAC company for emergency service. The HVAC technician got out here quicker than I thought and was able to remedy the situation fast. But he told me that had I remembered to get the HVAC heating maintenance, this breakdown never would have occurred.


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