The a/c was hurting our plants

It may sound bizarre when I tell you that our air conditioner idea is hurting our plants, but just give me a moment to explain plus hear me out.

The plants that I have in our house are easily sensitive to cold, plus our air conditioner idea is over cold.

Having an A/C idea that is ice cold is consistently a great thing, at least for me because I like cooler temperatures plus it works out much easier for me that way if I have nice cold air that I can lay back plus relax under. I certainly purchased the air conditioner idea that I have because it is so cold plus cool to the touch, however so how am I going to take care of both our plants plus the air conditioning? Everytime I would go plus look at our plants they would start wilting whenever they were under the cold air. I could not figure out why this was, as I was modern to houseplants plus I soon discovered that it was because these types of plants love, sunny, warm, climates, then not dark, plus cold areas like our house. I knew that I had to do something otherwise they would continue to wilt. Their leaves had been gradually turning more plus more brown as the mornings went on. I decided it would be best for the plants if I put them in the window of the guest room. I have a space furnace in the guest room for when people come over because I know not most people loves cold temperatures. The space furnace should keep them plenty warm, plus to give them a boost I put them in the window so they could soak up some natural sunlight. Now I can care about our attractive cold a/c without worrying about it killing our plants.


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