I sized my window wrong.

We were still working on the modernization, but we wanted HVAC in the house

I thought that all window air conditioning units were made to fit in all windows. I measured my window area before going to purchase a window AC unit. When I got to the home center, and went back to the window air conditioning units, I was wrong about them being all the same size. They had some huge window air conditioners that I knew were not going to fit into my window although my windows were wide enough, there was no way they’re going to fit up and down. The window I wanted to put the air conditioning unit in was more of a transom size window. It wasn’t a transom, but it was wide, but not high. I thought by putting a window air conditioner into that window, I could get a bit more airflow and cooling throughout that area. When I bought my house, I knew we were going to have some unique problems. The house was nearly 200 years old, and much of it had not yet been modernized. We were still working on the modernization, but we wanted HVAC in the house. To be honest, we needed the air conditioning more than anything. Not being able to put a window air conditioning unit in that small transom size window, meant that a small area of my house was always going to be hot and humid. My next step, was to call a contractor and have them come to the house and install a normal size window so I could install my new window AC unit and get some comfort.


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