A simple life in a small town

Small towns are really great in some aspects, and I moved to a small town recently and I like that it is slower going and safer.

I like that I have one grocery store, two restaurants and a single bank. I am never in heavy rush hour traffic or dealing with a major accident, and there are not a lot of noises going on or cops whirling back and forth. It is nice that everyone knows each other too. The downside to a small town is that the local businesses don’t find a need to advertise. They also don’t usually have a website for their company either. When you move to a small town, finding the local businesses is tough. I had a difficult time finding the local plumber and electrician. I wanted to do some updates to my home and finding the business everyone in town uses required me to go to the local bar. I now need Heating and A/C services and it has been tough, however everyone tells me that Mike handles all their heating and cooling needs! Mike of course doesn’t have a website or a company card. Everyone says they just go to his house to make an appointment. It seems weird to me to knock on some guy’s door. I have driven by his house a few times and nobody is there. I keep trying to find someone who knows him well to introduce me. That is the weird thing about a small town. I can’t just go about hiring a Heating and A/C install like normal.