My buddy’s HVAC business really took off

I was proud of my buddy when he decided to follow his dreams.

He was tired of working at a family restaurant and really wanted to make something of his life.

He always told me about how much he wanted to get into the HVAC industry because he said that is where the money is at. He actually took HVAC classes and achieved his HVAC certification. Then he worked on the process of starting his own official HVAC business. He started small with just himself and worked on people’s HVAC systems. Eventually he was making good enough money to afford to hire some employees. Word of mouth kept spreading about his excellent prices and quality work. Even some of the established HVAC companies were losing business to my buddy’s HVAC company. There is this particular HVAC company that was starting to trash talk my buddy’s HVAC business in their advertisements. I thought that was really crooked that they would go so low to do that, but it actually turned out to be free advertising for my buddy’s HVAC company. People decided to look into his company and looked at reviews. When they saw the incredibly positive reviews, he started getting more business than he could handle and he had to hire even more HVAC professionals and he was able to afford a nicer HVAC shop. It just goes to show that hard work really pays off when you really put your head into the game. That HVAC company that slandered my buddy’s HVAC business ended up closing down because people didn’t trust that company or appreciate their high prices and lacking customer service.



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