Why cannot you understand that all I want done is to have my AC machine inspected?

Last year I called the HVAC supplier to make an appointment to have my air conditioner machine cleaned & inspected.

I had a maintenance agreement, & I knew this service was free, per my agreement. They had a modern cellphone operator, & I could barely understand her. I have to divulge that nothing irritates myself and others more than when a supplier hires someone with broken English, & puts them on as an operator. I am a senior citizen with disappointing hearing. I have a difficult enough time understanding anyone on the cellphone, but I was legitimately exasperated. The girl from the HVAC supplier was more rude to myself and others than I even thought of getting with her. When I asked her to repeat what I said, she told myself and others to get hearing aids. I told her that I wanted to have my AC machine inspected, & I heard her mumble something. When I asked her why she could not understand that all I wanted to do was have servicing done on my AC unit, she hung up on me. I got a call back from the HVAC supplier, about many fourths later. The person apologized & told myself and others the girl was not supposed to be answering the cellphone. She then asked what HVAC service I wanted, & had an appointment set up for the next afternoon. I was so exasperated over the entire conversation that I hung up & decided it was time to make a change in the HVAC supplier I was using. I’m sure they wouldn’t let young children play on the business cellphone.



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