My brother thought that becoming an HVAC technician was going to be really easy.

My brother is the type of person who if he thought something was going to be easier, he would take that route.

You would think that after years of going this route and finding out that he always had more problems, he would’ve changed the way he did things.

That was not the case with my brother. When my brother graduated high school, he swore he was not going to go to college. He wanted to get an easy job that would pay them a lot of money for the rest of his life. That’s when he chose to be an HVAC technician. He thought that by becoming an HVAC technician he was going to have a really easy life. Little did he know that being the new guy in the HVAC company meant that he would get the worst of the work. In the winter, he was getting called out every other night to fix a furnace. His wife told me how he grumbled every time he got a phone call. She chuckled when she told me about this. She said that if the dodo bird were to realize that taking the easy route was usually the hardest way. He may still be an HVAC, but he may have realized that there was a lot of work with any job. Whether or not he would remain an HVAC technician for the rest of his life, still remains a question in everyone’s mind. I just hope that he sticks with the HVAC because he really seems to enjoy it, even if he doesn’t like getting all the bad jobs. Eventually he’ll no longer be the new guy in the HVAC company, but he will have some seniority.

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