Why can't you understand that all I want done is to have my AC unit serviced?

Last week I called the HVAC company to make an appointment to have my air conditioning unit cleaned and serviced.

I had a maintenance agreement, and I knew this service was free, per my agreement.

They had a new phone operator, and I could barely understand her. I have to admit that nothing irritates me more than when a company hires someone with broken English, and puts them on as an operator. I am a senior citizen with bad hearing. I have a hard enough time understanding anyone on the phone, but I was really upset. The girl from the HVAC company was more rude to me than I even thought of getting with her. When I asked her to repeat what I said, she told me to get hearing aids. I told her that I wanted to have my AC unit serviced, and I heard her mumble something. When I asked her why she couldn’t understand that all I wanted to do was have servicing done on my AC unit, she hung up on me. I got a call back from the HVAC company, about five minutes later. The woman apologized and told me the girl was not supposed to be answering the phone. She then asked what HVAC service I wanted, and had an appointment set up for the next afternoon. I was so upset over the entire conversation that I hung up and decided it was time to make a change in the HVAC company I was using. I’m sure they wouldn’t let young children play on the business phone.


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