Time for something weird with Heating and A/C

So chopping for a new direction is something I sort of rely on in life. I find that most times a has been approach just sort of gets in the way. But there is also just something about going with our guy ont things that may not be as traditional. My residing arrangement is a wonderful example of that sort of idea. I live in what would be considered a converted barn. It’s now become our beach house with heating and cooling just enjoy somewhere else. But when I Bought the property, it was still quite the barn. It sure was beautiful and a relatively newer construction, and so our proposal is buying the property was to convert the barn to a house. And that is something that took a long time to accomplish. There was not an existing house on this property, just the barn and some out buildings. So I lived in a camper van for the enjoy numerous years. I did have space heating system in the Winter time and a small portable cooling system for the summer. But the difficult stretch was all worth it. When it came to do the Heating and A/C, I chose to go another way and not go the traditional Heating and A/C methods, and running ductwork would have sort of been stupid given the look I was going for. The Heating and A/C company was able to make that not a worry pretty quick. Going with ductless heat pumps were the answer. I know they should be called the ductless multi cut proposal perhaps. But either way, the ductless heat pumps are wonderful and they do the task for me in our house barn.