Preparing now to manage Heating plus A/C cooling for the summer

I’m not sure if it’s just myself and others moving south or what. But I definitely believe as though I’ve eased up a bit. And apparently, I needed it. My partner is forever commenting on how I’m just easier now. Not sure if that’s not a backhanded compliment or not but I’ll take it. Maybe all the a/c has chilled myself and others out. But for sure, I believe what she’s talking about, and the little things seem to be a lot less irritating than they were for a long time. Today, I spend time with my face pointed into the sun. And it’s good. Don’t get myself and others wrong, I prefer the fact that all of us have access to all the Heating plus A/C cooling from the heat pump that all of us will ever need. But just being in the sunshine all through the year actually has eased myself and others up some and I’m living in the moment a great deal more. But to be sure you’re outside while I was in the summer time comes with some acceptance of the heat level. In this area, I would say the average household has the a/c on for 8 weeks of the year. And that’s a minimum. That’s just too much to me. In our home, all of us sort of put off the a/c for as long as all of us can. This way, all of us allow our bodies to acclimatize to the heat level a bit. And this makes a difference in the way you can approach being outside as well. When it’s nearly a hundred degrees every day for weeks, that 72 degree thermostat setting sure feels cool indeed.


Heat pump maintenance