Ductless HVAC was key to keeping our house

I’m still just so glad that we chose to get creative in an attempt to keep our home.

The fact that we are in this house is really a bit of a stretch already.

But it was just perfect and everything we wanted from the residential HVAC to the location. Yet, it really was just a bit out of our spending limit. However, we changed our spending and sunk all of our savings into this place we loved it so much. But when Covid hit, we lost a big chunk of our income. I already working from home inside the air conditioning of the best house ever. My wife works at home as well but also ran the lunch shift at a swanky downtown restaurant on the side. And that job was gone just like that. So was about a third of our income. That’s not an amount we could just make up and still pay the mortgage. Yea, that’s how thin we were stretched. Yet, we decided that we’d just keep trying to find a way and then we did. It dawned on us that we could rent out the basement of our home. It was finished and had plumbing. With help from friends, we were able to create a nice, little one bedroom apartment. We also called the HVAC company. The one thing we didn’t have down there was adequate heating and cooling. So they HVAC professionals installed a ductless heat pump down there. And now, our new renter has a great place to live with her own thermostat and separate HVAC equipment.

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