I convinced my instructor to adjust the thermostat

I can’t think that I finally convinced the instructor to adjust the thermostat so that both of us could be comfortable.

I am literally the hero of the class because I was able to get the temperature fixed in our classroom.

My instructor has an almost unnatural obsession with the air conditioning system. To be fair, the instructor warned us that the air conditioning system would be only always, in addition to he told us that if both of us didn’t enjoy freezing temperatures that both of us could bring a coat or something. However, I hate wearing a jacket in June, in addition to if you forget your jacket 1 afternoon, you are literally going to be freezing cold. I don’t suppose why the instructor asked the air conditioning system so much, but it literally made most people agitated. I liked the instructor, although I didn’t enjoy being in the class because of the air conditioning system. The Wintertide wasn’t much better, even though the heating idea was controlled by the school, he would leave the window open since he could not use the air conditioning system. However, 1 afternoon, I convinced him to adjust the thermostat to a more comfortable temperature. I told him that I would get better grades if the room were more comfortable, in addition to if he turned the air conditioning system to a better temperature, things would be much better. He took my deal, in addition to I aced my next test… Now, he will start increasing the air conditioning system to a better temperature because of me. I am so excited! Hopefully, I won’t ruin it in addition to get the air conditioning system turned back on again. That would genuinely stink.

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