Going without HVAC maintenance in a rental

I had been living in the same rental house for the past 5 years plus I came to realize that the property owner never offered to cover any heating plus A/C repair even for the furnace! Then I would usually call the heating plus A/C company at least to cover the heating idea tune-up, but the cooling idea I only had ran tests on maybe one time, and this was becoming concerning to me because I didn’t want to go in the middle of the Summer season without a great cooling system… Then my wife had said the people I was with and I could always just invest in a few window air conditioning units… Every one of us already had one window air conditioning component in the basement that the people I was with and I never used.

Every one of us used that aged cooling unit before the people I was with and I moved into the house that had a central heating plus cooling system.

It was just perplexing to me why the woman who owned the house wouldn’t want to keep up with the heating plus cooling repair. I ended up calling her plus talking about it, and she ended up choosing to make an agreement with me. She said if I covered the official heating plus A/C repair, she would deduct half of the costs from my rent. I thought this was reasonable plus I genuinely wished I had spoken with the property owner about this previously, although I just never did. I called the heating plus A/C company plus decided to enroll in an heating plus A/C service plan. They had all kinds of interesting plans, including ones that would have the heating plus A/C pros cover your air filter replacements, then you could choose from unusual choices of air filters from allergy air filters to HEPA air filters. I didn’t need all that extra stuff though so I went with a basic idea that covers the heating plus A/C tune-ups plus minor repairs.

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