Frank is the best HVAC company I know

My hubby Frank has been an HVAC company for the past 15 years or so! Apparently, she is entirely one of the best in our area, and he’s constantly getting calls at the HVAC office that ask for him particularally.

  • I’m pretty sure that the women at the HVAC company know what they have got in an employee with Frank.

He’s entirely reliable & trustworthy & he’s constantly trying to improve himself. He’s constantly taking all kinds of continuing education classes & doing research online so that she can figure out all of the current technology that comes along with the HVAC industry, however the heating & cooling industry grows & changes every single year, & Frank likes to make sure that she keeps up with all of it. She does not want to ever let anything get past him when it comes to current inventions in the heating & cooling world. I like the fact that she is like this, & I know that her managers like it too. I suppose that the fact that she gets people calling to request him as their HVAC company entirely says a lot about the woman. I can’t suppose of a single HVAC company who has ever been in our home who I would like enough to invite back again; Yet that happens to Frank over & over. I suppose it’s funny, but deep down I am proud of him. He’s a entirely friendly & funny guy, & she undoubtedly knows just about all that there is to know about heating & cooling, that’s for sure!



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