I need an air conditioning in our study room

I am not a needy lady.

I don’t need a central air conditioning. I don’t need a window air conditioning in every house. I don’t even need the best or the nicest air conditioning. I would literally settle for 1 cheap window air conditioning for our study room; For the most part, I can handle the warmer hot plus cold temperatures honestly well. I haven’t had an air conditioning in a while, plus I actually don’t need an air conditioning to be thrilled during the day. I won’t lie though. If I had an air conditioning in our house, I would be thrilled. I would care about to be able to afford to have air conditioning in our entire house. However, after so long, I have l acquired how to live without an air conditioning. The only major problem that I have found is that I have a hard time sleeping without an air conditioning in our room. I have constantly had a hard time sleeping. I grew up with an air conditioning, plus I constantly found that whenever I was forced to sleep without an air conditioning, I would struggle to fall asleep. I figured that I would eventually get used to sleeping without an air conditioning, but I have not found that to be the case in our life. I have spent years without an air conditioning, plus I have not slept well since, but even if I could find a used air conditioning, I would put in our study room so that I could sleep better… Does anyone guess of a good deal on an air conditioning? I would be able to sleep so much better if I had 1.