I used to read books all the time, but now I am watching Netflix all the time

I have always enjoyed reading books, especially in front of my fireplace. One day when my friends came out to visit, they said we should watch something on Netflix. I looked at everybody and wondered what they were talking about. I had never heard of Netflix before. Everybody laughed at me when they realized that I didn’t know what Netflix was and so they explained how it was a streaming service with a wide selection of movies, television shows and interesting documentaries. It actually did sound interesting, but I thought the price of it was kind of expensive. They told me there was nothing to worry about, they would log on and we would watch without me having to worry about paying. I was surprised that they could do that on my television that was mounted above the fireplace. I rarely would watch television though, I personally enjoyed reading more than anything else with the ideal temperature control settings in my home. I basically just let my children watch television when they wanted, but we only got the local aired stations. Anyway, we watched this very interesting movie on Netflix and when I saw what else was available, I decided to sign up for the service. I guess you can say it’s a sad thing because I don’t read as many books as I used to in front of the fireplace. These days, I am binge-watching different series on Netflix in front of the fireplace. I have even found interest in a lot of the foreign series because they are so entertaining, some even better than some of the books I have read!


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