I bet my HVAC will last 25 years since I get regular care and maintenance

One of my greatest fears is actually having my HVAC system fail at an inappropriate time.

For instance, if my heating system fails in the winter months, I’m going to fear for the safety of my family.

I don’t want anybody freezing in my home. Of course, I’m fearful of the cooling system breaking down in the summer months as well. We don’t want discomfort in this home, and there’s honestly only one way to make sure this never happens; regular HVAC system maintenance and care. Long ago, I used to always call up the HVAC company as needed. I knew it was important back then to keep everything maintained officially, but I didn’t realize that I could enroll into an HVAC service plan to have all my HVAC maintenance needs covered! I also didn’t realize how much money I could save by getting into one of these HVAC service plans. The difference in savings was significant, and I have been saving a lot all these years. I know that with all this regular HVAC maintenance, my HVAC has been able to endure for as long as it has. I have had this HVAC system for 18 years now and it’s still running strong! It’s a ductless mini split system. Even the HVAC professionals who installed the system were telling me how I could get at least 20 years or better with the HVAC. I had my doubts about that, but they were right. With regular care and maintenance I suspect that I’ll get 25 years out of this system!

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