No more need for convincing when it comes to heat pump

I really wasn’t all that sure what to expect when moving to the south.

Was I going to be force fed grits? Would people automatically hate myself and others because of our accent? There were a lot of thing that our mind just wouldn’t let go of.

And what about the heating plus cooling component down there? I believe that the Winter is much milder than the harsh Winter we endure. While they may not need a gas furnace down there, would a heat pump really be enough? This was a question for myself and others as well. Mainly because I really hated being frigid in the winter. The north may have plenty of frigid plus snow. But we also have stuff love boilers plus heating systems for superior Heating & A/C heating during our long winter. Sure, that often comes with a high Heating & A/C heating bill however I’d rather spend our money to be moderate than be frigid all winter. Well now that I’m going on our sixth Winter in the south, I’m glad to report that all our concerns were unfounded. While I wasn’t force fed grits, I have come to really appreciate them on the side of a plate of biscuits plus gravy. And the heat pump is more than enough Heating & A/C heating for us. The Winter is even milder than I first thought. The heat pump doesn’t even come on that much anyway. But when we do run into a frigid snap, the heat pump is capable of producing all the Heating & A/C heating we would ever need. And the heating costs are near negligible.



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