What do you do for HVAC in a tiny house?

My husband was watching a show the other afternoon about tiny houses.

I turned around, looked at him plus asked what you do for HVAC in a tiny house? He told me you make a tiny HVAC system.

I thought he was being insane, so I rolled my eyep plus walked out to get another cup of coffee. I walked back into the kitchen, just as they were talking about HVAC systems for tiny houses. I don’t guess if my husband saw the show previously, or if he was just being insane, but he was right. The HVAC systems they make for tiny houses are also tiny. They said that the best HVAC plan for a tiny house is a ductless HVAC system. It takes up no living space, because the units are localed high up on an outside wall. Most tiny houses only need one ductless HVAC component to heat plus cool the entire house. I was fascinated when I heard all these details, plus I asked my husband if the people I was with and I could go find a tiny house to look at, and fortunately, the people I was with and I lived near a small camping section where you could buy or rent cabins by the week or the summer. All of us went into what would now be considered a tiny house. It was the cutest little house I had ever seen, plus there was a ductless HVAC plan installed. The owner told us that the seasoned gas furnace had been removed, because of how much space it took up. It was cheaper for them to put in a ductless HVAC plan than to put in a new gas furnace. Two bedrooms, one bathroom plus a study room kitchen combination, made it the perfect space for one or two people.
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