Meal prep stops me from cooking.

One of the worst things about cooking is all of the meal prep.

All the splitting of vegetables, preparing the meat to cook, and the cleanup chores are horrible.

I swore that if there was ever a modern way to get more cooking done; I was going to take it, but then I was reading through the newspaper one morning, and I saw a new advertisement for prepared meal services, however i had heard about hello fresh and other different meal prep services before, but; I was still not sure about how they worked. It seemed prefer a fancy way of getting your meals prepared beforehand, but still needing to do the cooking. The more I thought about this meal prep service; the more I wanted to try them! Like I said before, I loathe meal prep, however knowing the vegetables were there, having all the ingredients necessary except maybe sale, butter, and milk. It had the proper amounts of ingredients, seemed prefer our life would be a breeze. One day, I was sorting through our mail and I found a card for 4free meals from a meal delivery service.The longer I pondered the card, the more I knew it was going to purchase this. I could not guess the tremendous ease of cooking the meals when I finally received them. I was still doing minor meal prep, but it was now self-explanatory meal prep. I didn’t mind the task that went into the cooking, and for the very first time, I enjoyed meal prep, cooking, and the food that I made, and it was all due to the meal prep repair that I chose. I will never look at meal prep or cooking meals the way I did a year ago.



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