Getting My Vents Cleaned Helped Me Feel Better Immediately

As someone with asthma, I’m always looking for ways to help myself breathe easier.

My asthma is made drastically worse when my house isn’t as clean, so I’m always strict with keeping dust and dirt out of my home.

I dust, mop, and wipe away all mess until I’m satisfied and sure that my home is germ and dust free. I even have an air conditioning system that circulates air well, as I hope it will help me breathe easier. Doing all of this in tandem typically helps to alleviate my trouble breathing, and gives me some reprieve from how hard daily life with asthma can prove itself to be. However, sometimes things can get hard no matter what I do. I racked my brain for a long time while trying to find some form of a cause for my problems, and then it occured to me: I hadn’t had my vents cleaned in a long, long time! That lack of due diligence on my part felt like an embarrassment! I called my local HVAC provider right away to schedule a time when they could come and look at my vents, and they confirmed that they were very dirty. Dirty vents can definitely contribute to trouble breathing. Ever since getting my vents cleaned, I haven’t had to worry about a fraction of the problems I had while my vents were still clogged full of dust, dirt, allergens, and pollen. Clean vents seem to be much more efficient with circulating the air in my home, and I no longer have the additional issue with breathing that was complicating my asthma!


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