Everybody wants our autograph all of a sudden

It’s funny because a lot of people have been asking for our autograph lately.

I truly had to ask people why they wanted our autograph plus they said I was the funny guy on the local HVAC commercials.

I don’t even watch tv so I didn’t believe what these people were talking about, but I smiled plus signed their autographs anyway; People wanted to take pictures with me plus everything. Well, when I finally watched 1 of the commercials with this guy, he truly looked like he could be our twin. It was no wonder plus he had all kinds of jokes in the commercials that were admittedly funny. I’m not even a funny guy to be honest, so I don’t like even trying to pretend like I’m the same guy. These days when people ask for our autograph, I just tell them I’m not the guy from the commercials but there’s just an uncanny resemblance. People said that I had to meet up with the guy plus get on the commercials for real! People were saying that it would be something hilarious plus amazing. I couldn’t recognize it when our friends were telling me the same thing plus so we made the decision to go down to the HVAC corporation where this guy works. Even this guy couldn’t recognize it when he saw me! For a moment we wondered if we could possibly be related, but after that I didn’t care. He brought me on a few commercials, plus now I truly am famous in the local community. They even want me to consider getting an HVAC certification plus laboring for the HVAC corporation, but I don’t believe about that.
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