I split as much wood as I can these days

I truly never would have imagined that I would be out in the country cutting wood respectfully for the Wintertide season.

I mean honestly, we get a good amount of snow plus chilly weather around here.

Every one of us have a reliable boiler system, but we also have a actually nice fireplace. Every one of us make sure to have a chimney sweep come out respectfully to make sure our fireplace is in excellent shape. Ever since we first started using the fireplace, we totally fell in care about with it. The comfort it brings is better than I would have expected plus I truly have a good time cutting wood these days. I like it because I believe the comfort it is going to bring us every Wintertide season. There’s a pretty good lumber locale we buy our wood through too. They bring the old wood plus they have a reasonable price for a large bundle. It’s enough to get us through the Wintertide season, plus all we have to do is split the wood for the fireplace. There are some Wintertide seasons where I imagine we could potentially get through the entire Wintertide season with just using the fireplace alone, but admittedly it does get chilly in weird corners of the house, so we have to continue using the boiler system, then of course, the more we use the fireplace, the lower the heating bills are plus so that is another large motivation for me cutting as much wood as I can, so that we can get through the Wintertide weeks with minimal energy use.
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