Looks like we have to handle our own HVAC maintenance out here

When my wife and I moved into a new area, I thought we should really get a hold of one of the local HVAC professionals to see about getting our heating system worked on.

When we were speaking to our neighbor, I asked him if he knew of any good HVAC companies around that could help us with our HVAC system maintenance.

He laughed and said we would be better off just handling our own HVAC system maintenance. He said around here, the options are limited and the local HVAC company has a bunch of guys eager to rip people off. I frowned upon hearing that news, but he came over to show me how simple the actual HVAC system maintenance was. He said to of course change the air filters regularly as you want your system to run as smoothly as possible. He also pointed out that it helps with good air quality in the house. After he showed me, it was pretty easy to take care of the HVAC maintenance, but it was different from what I was used to. I figured that we would be voiding the warranty, although this HVAC system was already pretty old so that likely didn’t matter. So far, things have been going well and it’s nice to get along with the folks in our new area. I heard rumors that a new HVAC company will be opening soon. I wonder if I should upgrade our HVAC system when they come around, it’s something to think about. I certainly wouldn’t mind having a modern HVAC system that is highly energy efficient.

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