Luxuries for my dog

After the recent events that took place in my household I think that it’s legitimate to say that I spoiled my pet to the point of no return.

My pet Zoey is a 3 year old rescue pet that had a really terrible beginning to life thanks to some past abusive owners. In order to make up for lost time I have admittedly been a little over the top when it comes to spoiling her with treats, toys, and belly rubs. Well, the other day when I tried to take Zoey out for a walk on a boiling summer day she decided she no longer wanted to continue and layed down. Because Zoey had a rough past I try to spoil her as much as possible, which includes having the air conditioning on 24/7. I even started getting routine heating and cooling maintenance this year just to be sure that she would be comfortable. Obviously the cooling system at home has been keeping her a little too comfortable, because on this walk the moment she was too overheated she decided that the walk was just over. She was so stubborn that I ended up having to call a friend that lived nearby so he could drive us back to my house. As you might expect I was feeling irritated and a little embarrassed. I think it is my fault that this happened because I was the one who did all of the spoiling, not her. Despite that disaster, I will still keep spoiling her to some degree because she deserves it, but now I think I will start reducing her HVAC system privileges, and hopefully she will be less dependent on it.

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