Camping with our RV

When our mother in law asked me the other morning if I would be interested in heading off on a family camping trip I was surprised.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore my in-laws and spending time with them is almost always fun, however up until that point I had never taken them as the camping type.

They have complained about the a/c system in a steakhouse before, and will tell the hostess if they are miserable because the air conditioning is set to 72 degrees not 74. My mother in law went on to tell me that the kind of camping they would be doing wouldn’t be as hardcore or intense as I originally thought because the all of us were going to be crammed in the family RV. I had never done anything like this before, however, I quickly became a fan. Being able to come back from a sweaty hike, and have the air conditioning system waiting for you in the RV to cool you down was awesome. Since we lived in an area with incredibly high humidity, its almost suicide to spend time outdoors without having some genre of air conditioning choice available to you nearby. So I tip our hat to all of the people that I saw who only had the bare necessities. In the meantime my in-laws and I will stick with our air conditioning unit, comfortable beds, and built in shower. You can call it lame or not authentic if you would like, however if you ask me this should be the traditional way of camping!

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