I hope I made the right decision having my fiance move in here

When all of us met online, my loving fiance and I decided that he would move here to live with myself and others since I already had a lakehouse of our own that was paid for.

I mean, that only made the most sense to me, and he seemed as if he was basically okay with it at the time! However, as time went on, he seemed to almost start to resent myself and others a little bit; he seemed as if maybe he was starting to suppose that I should have moved into his lake house with him instead! I know that all of these problems are because of the heating and cooling program in our house… Well, to be more particular, I should say that all of our problems are because of the fact that I’m the one who’s in charge of the temperature control in our lake house and she’s mad about it.

I mean, it’s honestly our lake house when you come down to it. I’ve lived here for years, and I already have the smart temperature control program completely set up to run in the most efficient way that there could possibly be. I don’t see how anyone could possibly blame myself and others when I get upset whenever he messes around with the temperature control. So several times, he has goofed up our perfect air conditioning settings in the Summer and our perfect heating settings in the winter. It makes myself and others so mad, and of course, you can’t blame myself and others for getting mad! My fiance simply thinks I’m nuts, though. She actually told myself and others that if I don’t stop being so ridiculous about the temperature control, then she’s out of here immediately.


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