I felt stupid for dropping the space heater

I was helping our mom wipe out the attic in the garage last week, plus things did not go well for us, to say the least; all of us had an awful time moving things plus our mom ended up hurting her back while she was picking up an aged bowling ball. All of us both laughed over it because it was almost as if she was a living, breathing cartoon, but it was still painful for her! And then, I saw this aged electric space furnace up in the attic that I used to have in our family room a long, long time ago… Whenever I saw that furnace up there in the attic, I thought that it looked familiar, however I asked our mom about it and she said that it was the little space furnace that I used to have in our room when I was a kid. The room that I used to have as a family room when I was a child is the coldest room in the house. I just consistently had to have that little space furnace running while every one of us were in the Wintertide whenever the weather started cooling off. I was reminiscing about that little space furnace plus that’s when I decided that I would get it down plus take it condo with me. I needed 1 in our basement, anyway. It gets entirely frigid down there when I’m doing laundry, plus an electric furnace would entirely do the trick in heating it up. That all changed whenever I started to bring it down the stairs plus I ended up dropping it right on top of both of our feet!


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