Camping with air conditioning system

When my mother in law asked my family and I the other day if I would be interested in heading off on a family camping trip I wasn’t sure what to think.

Don’t get me wrong I like my in-laws and spending time with them is good, but I never saw them as the outdoors type.

There have been times when they would complain about the a/c system in our home being at 68 degrees instead of 70, they’re picky. My mother in law went on to tell me that the style of camping they would be doing wouldn’t be as hardcore or intense as I originally thought because we would be going in the family RV. I have always done camping the traditional way, so I was interested in this new way. In the end, I absolutely loved it! After being hot and sweaty outside and then being able to kick back in the cooling RV, it was great. We live in one of the most humid regions of the country, and it’s almost unbearable to be outside for so long with a HVAC system. I tip my hat to all of the people that we saw at the campground who only had basic tents as well as gear. In the meantime my in-laws and I will stick with our air conditioning unit, comfortable beds, and built in showers. You can call it lame or not authentic if you would like, but if you ask me we were the only ones doing the camping thing right!

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