Some curtains are better thermal insulators than others

I purchased a condo that has a lanai with glass windows attached to a metal frame.

  • The previous owners used it as a porch space and ate meals out there or read books while watching the wildlife outside.

I kept a table out there from day one and loved how comfortable it was even if the sun was intense. I could run a fan at the opening of the lanai into the condo and push conditioned air into the lanai while I’m out there. These windows are fairly good insulators on their own. When I realized that it stayed fairly comfortable out there with the windows closed, I started to consider using it as a four-season room. But that could only work in a sense, because walls made out of windows aren’t exactly capable of normal home insulation levels unless they were covered altogether. I started to look online for thermal curtains that could add insulative properties to the lanai windows. Even though no curtains are a substitute for wood and insulation, I found a set that has foam backing and they have made a huge difference in this lanai when I keep them closed. I even purchased reflective foil insulation sheeting to put over the windows that get most of the intense UV rays every afternoon. I can retain the temperature to a one or two degrees within the range of the rest of the house with these amazing curtains. And if I really wanted this lanai to be a four-season room, I could purchase a ductless mini split and have it installed on the wall of the condo that the lanai is attached to. There is a small space along the ceiling that could handle a ductless mini split.



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