Should have gotten heated flooring

One of the worst mistakes my wife and I ever made was not putting in heated flooring.

The several of us bought a modern home and had a few weeks left on our modern home lease. It made sense to maintenance up the modern home before all our stuff moved in. So all of us decided to redo the flooring since it was the perfect time. Nothing was in the modern home or in the way. The people I was with and I agreed that the carpets had to go and cement would be our flooring. I did some research and realized that heated flooring would be easy to install. After sitting the cement board, electric heated mats get sited down and the modern cement goes on top. You can have evenly radiant floors right under your feet. Since the heat is electric it is silent, doesn’t stir up dust or rise to the ceiling to get wasted. A lot of people save energy with this type of furnace. The only con of heated flooring is it adds weight and height to the floors. The people I was with and I weren’t genuinely upset about that. The only reason heated flooring didn’t happen was that it would slow our project down and add cost. My wife wanted me to finish up the floors immediately so stuff could transfer in. Adding another step would take time. So all of us skipped in. Now all of us live in a modern home with cold cement floors and have put carpets over top of them to add heat. Our current HVAC unit is also dying. If all of us had heated flooring, I would just buy a modern cooling system and be done with it.


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