Not leaving the treadmill & A/C to run a marathon

Anytime people find out that I run they push me to do marathons.

Since I run everyday after work for miles & miles, everyone thinks I want to do a competition like that.

First, I don’t do any outdoor running. I like the smooth terrain of a treadmill & the consistency in temperature. I recognize I am getting at least a 70 degree temperature in the gym no matter what. I like to get blasted with A/C & I chance the treadmill right under the vent. I also have my water bottle within reach, run barefoot & I am not afraid to jump off & use the bathroom mid workout. Running outside is a whole new critter all together; You deal with cats, potholes, traffic & creepy people on the street. You never can dress for the weather either. I am either dripping with sweat to death & missing air conditioning or I am cold cold & just want to curl up by a heater. I also do not see the point in a marathon. I recognize I could physically do it. I have run marathon times before & I am in shape. Why would I spend money to run in the town when I can do it any morning of the week? I don’t need to prove anything. I find it odd that people prefer that. I would rather just go to my gym everyday to control my waistline. That is the only reason I run like I do. It is not like I prefer running. I only do it to stay in shape.
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